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Vice Chancellor Desk

Mumbai is reckoned as the Financial Capital of India. It provides an enchanting opportunity for legal education in the fast changing conglomeration and diaspora coupled with dynamic economic environment. The city provides a platform for thrilling experience of social intermix of elite and working class, development and richness in corporate business. The Indian legal system had certain vital genesis evolved from the soil of Mumbai. Annals in the province of law, legal knowledge, advocacy, judicial precedents, and legal luminaries are also equally rich.

The Maharashtra Government embarked upon yet another stride by enacting the Maharashtra Act no VI of 2014 legislating for establishment of National Law University. At the first instance Mumbai took initiative to start with.

The Maharashtra National Law University is being established in Mumbai with the objectives to garner a center of excellence in legal education, skills and research at Mumbai. In the process, work for the development and advance legal education with noble and innovative methods of pedagogy. The object is to make legal education more relevant to all the strata of people and stake-holders of the society. Dominant endeavor is to breed a cadre of committed and learned young law scholars to accept the challenges to the tests of law, justice delivery system and instill the confidence in the ‘rule of law’ thesis, and constitutional values of the nation; among other propositions of human resources to cater to the legal needs of the nation including corporate, urban and rural posit.

MNLU Mumbai is fortunate to find its temporary house in the campus of internationally reputed Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai Campus. The locational advantage and the academic environment have mine of opportunity to Students, Teachers and Staff of MNLU. TISS has extended the support to MNLU by opening all its academic frontier including Faculty/Library Support. MNLU will have to quickly rise to the expectation of society and meaningfully evolve as an international center of legal scholarship and practice. The Faculty and Students of MNLU, Mumbai has tremendous responsibility to excel with the TISS academics and environment and contribute as partners.

The system of legal education at MNLU Mumbai would focus inter alia, on:

  • Learnings law, legal reasoning, legal analysis for creative applications and coherency to the needs of justice.
  • The associated legal skills for mediation, advocacy and conciliation.
  • To critically analyze law and justice delivery modes in context to the evolving society, changing classes of people, and relevancy to the needs of time
  • To continuously engage in research and reason to the making, breaking and reacting to the happenings of law.
  • To create a forum for skill training, experiment application to the learnings of law
  • To remain engaged in the process of national development.
  • Promote and conduct research on law and development from a broad inter-disciplinary perspective
  • Undertake legal projects and activity for enhancing capacity of justice delivery system.
  • Create opportunity for the students and the learners to expose to the live situations in the practice of law, application and scholarship.

The motto is ‘to make the learning's of law a pleasant journey’; ‘to prepare a good citizenry of the students learned to contribute to the legal scholarship, law practice and justice system’; and ‘to imbibe the values and purpose of the constitution of India for sustainable development’.

Our endeavor is to serve the society by participation in legal reforms and services by preparing professionally competent lawyers, inquisitive researchers, able administrators, conscientious judicial officers and above all, socially responsible citizens, who shall be whole-heartedly and continuously engaged in the process of nation building. MNLU is customising a course to faciliate 'Rural Litigation Practitioners'<./p>

MNLU Mumbai shall remain engaged :

  • To strive for evolving and imparting comprehensive legal education including distant and continuing legal education at all levels to achieve excellence
  • To customize and evolve pedagogy as appropriately as possible to enrich the objectives and methods of teaching and learning process
  • To encourage advance studies and promote research in all branches of law
  • To contribute to the philosophy in ‘rule of law’ society by disseminating legal knowledge and legal processes and their role in societal/human development by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops and conferences
  • To contribute and support the educational institutions in the vicinity by extending teaching and learnings of law, constitutional mechanism and the application of law
  • To open dialogue and debate with the stake holders on contemporary legal and social issues
  • To enrich legal scholarship by publishing periodicals, journals, reading material, law reports and other associated legal literature
  • To organize legal awareness/ literacy camps in the community and assist the state legal services center, the human rights authority, the empowerment machineries of the state in the pursuits of women, children, differently abled persons, dalits and down-trodden
  • To undertake research projects, training camps, legislative drafting, research assistance to the judiciary and law firms

MNLU Mumbai is making its modest beginning with active support from the Hon’ble Chancellor Mr.Justice F M Ibrahim Kalifulla, Judge Supreme Court of India. The General Council, the Executive Council and the Academic Council of the university is adored by the Hon’ble Judges from the Supreme Court of India and the Chief Justice and Judges of Bombay High Court; representatives from the Maharashtra Government and leading legal academicians from across the country.

MNLU Mumbai is embarking on the pursuit of its set objects with effect from the academic session 2015-16. The intake of the students shall be 60 admitted though a process of admission test on all India basis. The first batch of students will have many advantages being the first to lead to the goals of the university at the same time in the quest there shall be challenges of inventions and surmounting of difficulties. It is a rare opportunity to all of the team, the learners including the teachers and the supporting and administrative staff. In nutshell, that this team will write the first chapter of the history of the Maharashtra National Law University, Mumbai.

Bhavani Prasad Panda

Vice Chancellor